Malaysia's Metrowealth Movies Production has an ambitious target for 2004 - aiming to produce 10 Malay-language films, almost doubling this year's output of six films made at a total cost of $22.1m (RM84m).

With six films under its belt, Metrowealth is already the most active producer of 2003. Of these, Cinta Kolestrol was released in September while Jutawan Fakir will open on December 18.

Another three have been lined up for release in early 2004, including romantic comedy Kuliah Cinta, scheduled for January, melodrama Hingga Hajang in April and comedy Tangkai Jering in May. The last film for this year is thriller 7 Perhentian that will begin shooting on 15 December.

Cinta Kolestrol was such a big hit that it collected $973,556 (RM3.7m) at the local box office. Producer David Teo is confident that it will be Malaysia's highest grossing film for 2003.

Since Mami Jarum, which grossed $815,682 (RM3.1m) in 2002, every Metrowealth film has been a box office success, including thriller Mistik, which raked in $657,808 (RM2.5m).

Teo says that director Professor Madya A Razak Mohaideen is critical to the company's success. Madya Razak first collaborated with Metrowealth on Mami Jarum and has since become the director of all its subsequent films.

All Metrowealth films are 100% self-financed. Metrowealth Movies Production was established in January 2000 as a subsidiary of the Metrowealth International Group with activities including music, construction and home appliances.