British director Grant Thobur's production Mama, Look! was awarded the Grand Prize at this year's Mediawave International Festival of Visual Arts in Gyor, Hungary.

Dutch films were also very successful at Mediawave 2002 receiving the awards for Best Dance Film and Best Experimental Film.

In the documentary category, Russian films proved to be the most popular with the jury, taking the Special Documentary Award as well as the prize for the Best Documentary.

The festival's jury was made up of Dutch film and stage director Jos Stelling, the jury's president, Yugoslavian writer and poet Otto Tolnai, Romanian cinematographer Vivi Dragan Vasile, Hungarian writer Zoltan Korosi, Yugoslavian literary editor Ildiko Lovas, Romanian animator and filmmaker Radu Igazsag, Romanian actor and festival organizer Attila Gasparik, and Richard Kovacik, the director of the Slovak Film Institute's Film Archive.

Mediawave 2002 Awards

National Program Awards
Best Documentary - Robert Lakatos: The Kingdom of Silence (Romania)
Best Animation - Eva Kispal, Dora Levai: Three Rabits, The Golden Tree (Hungary)
Individual Achievement Award - Zsolt Juhasz, Sara Schilling, Peter Szalay: Ugly Illness (Hungary)
Funniest Film - Angela Stefanovics, Zsolt Vegh, Zoltan Kalmanchelyi: No Hand - No Chocolate Or The Smallest Tale About the Greatest Hungarian (Hungary)

International Program Awards
Mediawave Gand Prize - Grant Thoburn: Mama, Look! (Great Britain)
Best Documentary - Ella Davletshina: Retro (Russia)
Best Animation - Robert Bradbrook: Home Road Movie (Great Britain)
Best Experimental Film - Clara van Gool: Zikr (The Netherlands)
Special Jury Award for Experimental Film - Mike Hoolboom: Threads (Canada)
Best Short Film - Luis Prieto: Bamboleho (Spain)
Best Minority Film - Jouni Hiltunen: Thieves' World (Finland)
Best Musical Film - Paul Tanicui: Iagalo (Romania)
Best Dance Film - Han Hoezen: Torn (The Netherlands)
Best "Golden Ages" Film - Zhanma Romanova, Nikolay Boronin, Sergey Lando: Anthology (Russia)
Best Youth Film - Vira Yakovenko: Sleeping Beauty (Ukraine)
Special Documentary Award - Sergey Loznitsa: The Settlement (Russia)
"Golden Ages" Special Award - John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson: Riding The Tiger (USA