David Hoberman's Mandeville Films has joined MikkelBondesen's Fuse Entertainment in remaking the Danish romantic comedy OhHappy Day.

Heather Hach (Freaky Friday) has been hired to do theEnglish-language rewrite, which will be a co-production between the Walt DisneyPictures label and the original Danish and UK producers at Fine & Mellowand Ugly Duckling, Thomas Gammeltoft and Lene Bausager.

Written by Jannik Johansen from an idea by lead actressLotte Andersen, Hella Joof (Shake It All About) directed the film abouta bored housewife, who gets her life revitalised when a gospel minister happensto stop by her small town.

Oh Happy Day had its international premiere inLocarno, and has been reasonably successful, having taken grossed over $150,000 so far in Denmark (see box officecharts)

LA-based Dane Mikkel Bondesen previously brought the Danishchildren's film Catch That Girl to Fox, who remade it into Catch ThatKid in 2004.