Brazilian Claudio Assis picked up the grand prize at the 15th annual Latin American Film Screenings of Toulouse, France (March 21-30) for his film Mango Yellow (Amarelo Manga).

The prize comes with Euros 3,000 for the film's subtitling and distribution in France. Yellow, which is sold internationally by Brazil's Grupo Novo, won five top awards at last November's Festival de Brasilia including best film, actor (Chico Diaz), cinematography, editing and the public's prize.

A separate French critics' jury gave its prize to Ana Katz's The Chair Game (El Juego De La Silla), an Argentinean film which participated in last year's Films in Progress (Cine en Construccion) program, a joint venture between Toulouse and Spain's San Sebastian International Film Festival to help find financing for unfinished Latin American films.

The public's prize went to Diego Arsuaga's The Last Train (El Ultimo Tren), Uruguay's nominee to this year's foreign-language Oscar. Other films awarded prizes from special interest groups included Columbian Luis Alberto Restrepo's La Primera Noche, Mexico's Una Bala by Edgar San Juan and Ibon Antunano and a special mention to Jane Malaquias' No Passo Da Veia from Brazil.