The Mannheim Meetings has selected 50 projects from Europe, Canada, Latin America, and Africa for this year's edition of the co-production market for arthouse films, which runs from November 12 to 16.

Almost half of the selected projects are from Western Europe including UK film-maker David Andrew Ward's wry thriller New Instruction, to be produced by Lightvalve Media.

The Polish Bride director Karim Traidia's new film Identite Zero, based on a true story about an illegal immigrant from North Africa, German film-maker Lars Kraume's science fiction drama Days To Come, and Aladdin - Escape To Paradise by Switzerland's Simon Bischoff.

In addition, the market will be a showcase for 13 projects from Central and Eastern Europe such as Hungarian Tamas Toth's comedy The Cold Front Is Coming From The West and Czech director Ivan Fila's political thriller The K. Principle, while five Canadian producers are coming to Mannheim to pitching new projects by such directors as Aubrey Nealon (The Saltwater Decision), Gaurav Seth (Bardo) and Boris Rodriguez (Trains Of Zion).

The Meetings, which are financially supported by the European Union's MEDIA Programme, will host two projects apiece from Argentina, Brazil and Chile and single projects from Ecuador, Burkina Faso, Morocco and South Africa.