Frank Mannion's Swipe Filmshas picked up UK rights to acclaimed fantasy film Strings from TrustFilm Sales.

Directed by AndersRonnow-Klarlund, Strings is a fantasy film with string puppets thatfeatures the voices of James McAvoy, Catherine McCormack, Samantha Bond &Derek Jacobi. Channel 4 has also picked up TV rights to the film.

Swipe also acquired PerFly's Inheritance from Trust, which it released on Dec 31. The film,which won six Danish Academy Awards and the best screenplay at the SanSebastian Film Festival, took £9,555 from six screens on its opening weekend.

The deal was negotiatedbetween Trust Film Sale's Annakarin Strom and Mannion. "After meetingFrank for the first time in Cannes, I thought he was one of those people youwant to get rid of quickly," Strom said in a statement. "He certainly was afast-talker but I was curious to see if there was anything behind it all.Luckily, we took the time because Frank has proven to be everything that thisbusiness should be about: fun, ambitious in his film choices and full of energytowards making them work."

Inheritance was Swipe's fifth theatrical release since theproduction, sales and distribution company was set up in April 2004.