Mark Reinhart, the veteransales executive who has worked at companies including The Samuel Goldwyn Co,Artisan/LIVE Entertainment and GRB Entertainment, has been hired by RegentEntertainment to oversee sales for HERE! Films, the specialty marketing anddistribution arm of Regent focusing exclusively on gay-themed films. His titleis vice president, international, and he reports to Regent partner PaulColichman.

At HERE!, Reinhart will beresponsible for acquiring, marketing and selling films for theatrical, video,DVD and TV distribution worldwide. While at Goldwyn, Reinhart sold filmsincluding Longtime Companion, The Madness Of King George, Go Fish and Much Ado About Nothing, and TV programming such as American Gladiators and The New Adventures Of Flipper.

At GRB Entertainment,Reinhart managed the international sales and marketing of reality programming,a 600-hour television library, and also supervised sales on a worldwide basis.