Former OTX motion picture group president and market research expert Kevin Goetz (pictured) has launched the research, marketing and consulting firm Screen Engine.

Screen Engine will conduct screening research, exit polling and qualitative analysis as well as customised research and marketing products.

“My goal is to provide the industry with the more personal and strategic approach that it demands,” Goetz said. “Screen Engine will transcend the boundaries of data collection and allow me to focus entirely on what I do best, which is to partner with studios and film-makers to identify ways to best leverage their films so that they achieve maximum success at the box office.”

“I was there when blockbusters like Titanic, Fatal Attraction, Forrest Gump, The Wedding Crashers and Slumdog Millionaire were first previewed to test audiences,” Goetz said. “And I have also witnessed some of Hollywood’s most heartbreaking disappointments.  I know how to read an audience, and how to interpret and synthesize moviegoer feedback into measurable results.”

Goetz began his career at market research firm NRG, which now operates under The Nielsen Company umbrella.  In 2003 he joined OTX to build a qualitative research division and rose to become president of the motion picture group.