The producers of Fifty Dead Men Walking have settled with Martin McGartland, whose autobiography provided the basis for the film. McGartland, the Royal Ulster Constabulary mole who infiltrated the IRA and survived two attempts on his life, had taken issue with the film's misrepresentation of true events.

Since viewing a rough cut in May, McGartland has insisted director Kari Skogland and producers, Future Films and Canada's Brightlight Pictures, had breached his moral rights by making changes to the story and thus impugning him.

In a statement issued to Screen International late on Monday, McGartland wrote: 'I have today been given a copy of the film, which I have also viewed. As a result, I can now confirm that I am happy with the film. Furthermore I have today entered into a confidential agreement, with filmmakers (and other third parties), and I have also waived my moral rights.'

'The matter is now concluded and no further statements will be made by me on the matter, nor will any of the parties disclosed any further details concerning the agreement.'