Multinational communications giant WPP has taken a 30% stake in growing Spanish media firm MediaPro.

The remaining 70% of the company remains in equal parts with MediaPro's three founding partners: Jaume Roures, Gerard Romy and Jose Maria Benet. The value of the WPP sale was not revealed.

MediaPro president Roures says the deal will support the company's expansion plans on national and international levels.

In Spain, MediaPro recently negotiated a majority stake in Antonio Llorens' distributor-exhibitor Lauren Films - talks which Roures says are currently on stand-by.

Among its co-productions are Oliver Stone's Comandante, Fernando Leon's Mondays In The Sun and Chill Out with the Almodovar brothers' El Deseo.

Founded in Barcelona in 1994, MediaPro's activities - which include production, facilities and rights management - range across Spain, Europe, the US and Argentina. It owns shares in other companies including Spanish film producers Esicma and Ovideo TV.

WPP encompasses some 90 companies around the world in advertising, media investment management and public relations fields, among others.