In a move bound to boost the profile of Chinese filmabroad, independent companies from mainland China are now being allowed totravel abroad to represent films at international markets.

Beijing-based Massway, one of the new wave ofprivately-financed sales agents, is at this year's European Film Market inBerlin for the very first time, representing two theatrical titles, LiuBingjian's Panorama entry Plastic Flowers and Fang Gangliang's TheStory Of Xiaoyan, as well as several films on DVD.

Taking advantage of new economic deregulation laws,Massway was founded last year. A sales and distribution outfit, it is dedicatedto showcasing work from new mainland Chinese directors at festivals abroadwhile also releasing them in the local Chinese market. (Its first release inChinese cinemas was Last Level.)

Massway managing director Cindy Lin says that there is avast pool of low-budget, independent movies made in mainland China which needsales agent support.

"Before, all the sales agents for mainland Chinese filmswere from Hong Kong and Taiwan. I guess I am the first one from the front-lineof mainland China."

Lin is a graduate of the film school in Beijing. Many ofthe titles on her slate are directed and produced by her former colleagues.