Cologne-basedThe Match Factory has picked up world sales rights for the Venice competitiontitle Euphoria by Russian writer-directorIvan Vyrypaev.

Theromantic drama produced by Russia's First Movie Partnership is Vvrypaev'sfeature debut and won a special diploma at the Kinotavr Open Russian FilmFestival in Sochi at the beginning of June, where it had its world premiere.

Commentingon this latest acquisition, The Match Factory's Michael Weber described Euphoria as 'a unique film, visionary in itscinematography - brilliantly showing the beauty and roughness of theRussian steppes, accentuating this excellent story told by Ivan Vyrypaev.'

Euphoria was one of thestand-out films from the lineup of new Russian productions for many of theforeign guests at the Kinotavr festival. Paradise Entertainment is distributingin Russia.