Infogrames Entertainment said that it has done record business on Enter The Matrix, the video game tie-in with forthcoming film The Matrix Reloaded.

The game will be released on 15 May in parallel with the premiere of the film at the Cannes festival and its simultaneous world release. Infogrames said that it had forecast pre-orders would reach 2.5 million, but that it had already received 3.5 million.

The film's directors Andy and Larry Wachowski shot four hours of footage especially for the multi-platform game.

Last week the company announced that action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger would star in a new game it is developing based on Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, which is due for release in July. Unlike previous Terminator-based games Schwarzenegger has given permission for both his voice and his likeness to be used in the game.

The game will include a special five-minute segment shot by the film's director, Jonathan Mostow, providing back history. It will also include scenes from the finished film.

Infogrames, Europe's largest computer games outfit, said third-quarter net revenues rose 31% to Euros143m, helped by strong performance of another film and TV tie-in Dragon Ball Z.