The global day-and-date release of The Matrix Revolutions got off to a storming start yesterday (Nov 5), according to unofficial early estimates compiled by

UK and Ireland estimates show the final instalment in the Wachowski Brothers' trilogy performing well ahead of the previous film The Matrix Reloaded, which opened in May also on a Wednesday.

While some cinemas have yet to supply figures, early tallies from 453 sites show Revolutions has grossed a massive $3.1m (£1.83m) on its first day in the UK/Ireland. In comparison Reloaded grossed $2.3m (£1.37m) from 461 sites on its debut Wednesday in the territory.

The UK industry only reports sites played officially, but it should be noted that when Reloaded played 481 sites on its launch weekend it screened on 919 prints. It is also significant that the film was limited to playing shows after 14:00 hours reducing the number of shows that could play per print.

Separated out Ireland saw a gross of $204,000 (Euros 175,440) taken from 73 prints at 53 sites.

The Netherlands saw Revolutions achieve the biggest opening day in Dutch cinema history. With nearly 45,000 admissions taken from 142 prints the final part of the trilogy edged out the launch day admissions of The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and Spider-Man for the record. Box office supplied by the NFC showed Revolutions took $348,344 (Euros 299,576) in the territory.

Other major European territories reporting estimated figures include Germany where The Matrix Revolutions looks to have grossed $1.6m (Euros 1.4m) from 788 screens. Spain took $1.1m (Euros 935,400) from 500 screens, while Italy - where local data tracker Cinetel covers approximately 75% of the market -shows the film claiming $906,586 (Euros 779,664) from 432 screens. All started shows at 15:00 hours.

In Belgium the film drew $205,483 (Euros 176,715) from 92 prints.

Estimated figures in Switzerland have the film tallying $280,899 (SFR 375,000) from 26,000 admissions at 110 screens. Finland performed strongly with 17,242 tickets sold yesterday at 59 screens for a $156,409 (Euros 134,512) gross.

In smaller Eastern European territories, where Revolutions also debuted at 15:00, it saw 26,855 admissions for InterCom in Hungary for a $100,260 (HUF 22.5m) one-day gross. In Serbia and Montenegro 18,094 admissions at 15 screens translated to $39,725 (Dinar 2.3m).

This gives The Matrix Revolutions a single day total of over $7.8m from these 10 European territories alone. Official worldwide figures are expected to be released tomorrow (Nov 7).

The Matrix Revolutions launched on Nov 5 at the same time across the world on 10,013 prints in a record 107 territories including the US.