You might want to make mincemeat out of a certain malevolent baddie in Star Wars but the outlets throughout France of fast food chain Quick have taken the radical step of reducing the guy in the spooky black helmet to, well, hamburger.

As the “th” sound does not come easily to French-speakers, the character known elsewhere as Darth Vader has always been Dark Vader in France.  Which, considering the side he’s on and all, isn’t a bad translation.

As for the Jedi Burger — isn’t it amazing how much a piece of cheese looks like a light saber?

Since in empty calories as in the movies, good triumphs over evil, the Jedi Burger will remain available longer than the Dark Burger.

Ah — but for just three days, from March 2 - 5, the Dark Burger, “the first burger ever created in the color black” according to Quick’s press release (have they never been to a barbeque gone wrong?) will be on sale. “A uniquely colored black bun obtained via black vegetable dye,” is the secret, says Quick.

As Alien taught us — in space, no one can hear you chew.