Cannes market title Maya - which deals with the sensitive subject of young girls raped by village priests as a coming-of-age ritual in certain regions of India - sparked a lot of interest from buyers when it screened on May 12.

Unfortunately, it has attracted a much less enthusiastic attention from the Indian delegation, as well as outcry from the Indian press. The Times Of India has accused the film of 'showing a deprecating image of India' and is calling for its ban from the Indian screens. India has a pavilion in Cannes for the first time this year, and Minister of Information and Broadcasting of the government of India, Sushma Swaraj, is in town to support the promotional blitz, along with the Indian Ambassador in France, Kanwal Sibal.

French sales house Film Distribution, which is handling worldwide sales on Maya (produced by Kundalini Pictures and directed by Digvijay Singh) had to organize an additionnal screening today which is sure to attract Indian delegates, if not the minister herself. ) Film Distribution has already sold the title to Belgium's CNC.