Hong Kong's Media Asia has struck two key deals - one a 20-picture North American deal with Miramax, the other a five-year European DVD distribution deal with the UK's Medusa Communications - that together ensure an explosive presence in international markets.

Miramax is acquiring theatrical and video rights to a mix of new and catalogue films, although only the newest are expected to get an early theatrical outing. These include Tempting Heart, 2000 AD and Metada Fumaca. The deal follows close on the heels of a four-picture deal - covering Bullet In The Head, The Master, City On Fire and Purple Storm - signed in Cannes.

Media Asia's arrangement with Medusa serves as the blueprint for a series of other distribution arrangements in Europe and the Americas. Medusa, which has connections with some of Europe's highest quality DVD manufacturing operations, will handle some 30 films a year for the first two years under the Legends of Hong Kong label. Medusa has already secured clearance from the British censors for a director's cut release of the famously violent 1971 Bruce Lee film Big Boss, also known as Fists Of Fury.