Media Salles, an initiative within the EU media programme to foster theatrical distribution of European audiovisual products, has announced its new executive committee line-up.

More of a reshuffle, with no change of personnel, the presidency has gone to Jens Rykaer, previous treasurer of the association and director of the European Film College, based in Denmark. J. Wolf and Walter Vacchino will share the vice presidency, with Wolff responsible for contacts with the European Commision's MEDIA Programme and Vacchino for contacts with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Italy.

Mike Vickers, a member of the UK's Cinema Exhibitors' Association, becomes treasurer. Mette Schramm, President of DB, the Danish Cinema Association and Romano Fattorossi, member of the CICAE, complete the committee.

The committee steers Media Salles promotion of European film outside of Europe. Its showcasing of films in North America is considered an influential marketing factor. The advent of the new three year tenure for the members comes in the wake of moves to streamline the efforts of the initiative. As reported in Screendaily, Media Salles disbanded their Euro Kids Network in June to concentrate on supporting the exhibition sector within European cinema.

The new look committee will be present at this year's Venice Film Festival from August 29-8 September.