Italian mini-major Medusa is seeking a US co-production partner to develop a line of video games spun off from its film properties. It is already preparing its first title, set to feature the money-spinning comic trio Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo.

Medusa plans to release the game, which is being developed for the Sony Playstation console, in Italy in April. The trio's latest feature, Ask Me If I'm Happy, has already raked in a whopping $38m at the Italian box office since its December 15 release.

In addition to the video game, Medusa chief Carlo Bernasconi said he is also considering producing an animated feature with the three comedians as its main characters. The film will be developed in association with Turin-based Lanterna Magica, which Medusa acquired last December.

Medusa is currently preparing Aida Degli Alberi, the first animation title to be produced under the new joint banner. The feature, which is freely inspired from the Giuseppe Verdi opera, will be directed by Guido Manuli.