Major Korean exhibitor Megabox Mediaplex debuts a new acquisitions label in EFM. The Megabox label will acquire foreign films for theatrical release in its multiplexes, then to go to cable on sister company On*Media's new film channel Movie OnStyle.

Megabox owns 10 theaters with a total of 91 screens nationwide, and operates with 9 partner 'Megaline' theaters which comprise a total of 62 additional screens in the provinces.

On*Media currently has 10 channels which include film specialists OCN and Catch On, but the new Movie OnStyle will mirror its demographic for the company's OnStyle channel which focuses on the interests of career women in their 20s and 30s.

Major local investor and distributor Showbox Mediaplex, the sister company that supplies Megabox with most of its content, will continue business as usual.

'The difference is that Showbox handles big films with wide releases, and Megabox will stick to smaller titles specifically for our Megabox and Megaline theaters,' says Nelly Chang, acquisitions manager on the Megabox programming team.

The label will release a minimum of 10 films a year - possibly going up to 30 or 40 - with a focus on high quality but small commercial films targeted to its OnStyle demographic.

Megabox also annually programs and holds the hugely popular Megabox European Film Festival in October which immediately follows the Pusan International Film Festival, and the Seoul-Japan Film Festival in November.