City Of God director Fernando Meirelles is producinga feature length documentary called Ginga, about the relationshipbetween Brazilians and football.

The documentaryis being made through his company O2 Filmes as a co-production with Nike andWieden Kennedy Entertainment.

Meirellles hassecured three directors to co-write and shoot the documentary: Marcelo Machado,Hank Levine and Tocha Alves are aiming to define 'Ginga' through the personalstories of several Brazilians from different social backgrounds and areas ofBrazil.

But 'Ginga',says Meirelles, is almost an indefinable term. "I have heard and used this wordsince I was a little boy, but I still haven't really understood what it isexactly," says the director. "All I know is that Ginga relates directly to aquality found in Brazilians and their football. It has something to do withflexibility, rhythm, creativity and a sense of humour.

Meirelles saysthat next year's FIFA World Cup in Germany may have been a motivation for thesponsor Nike to board project.

Sales are beinghandled on Ginga by Meirelles' and partner Paolo Morelli's O2 Filmes.