Neil Friedman's Menemsha Entertainment has boarded Avellaneda's Moon, the next film from Son Of The Bride team of Juan Jose Campanella and star Ricardo Darin. Menemsha is pre-selling the Argentinian film in Cannes, the first time that it has done so, based on the film-maker's pedigree.

Son Of The Bride has so far grossed over $40m in worldwide box office revenues and still has major territories to open such as the UK next week through Pathe and Italy on June 13 through Medusa.

Menemsha has worldwide rights excluding Argentina and Spain to Avellaneda's Moon which stars Darin, Argentina's top actor with other credits including Nine Queens, Kamchatka and Campanella's Same Love, Same Rain, as a man born on the dance floor of a tango club who devotes his life to the club and turns it into the social centre of the community. But his family and his livelihood are threatened when the club begins to lose the support of its local patrons.

The film is a co-production between Potka and Tempsa in Argentina and Tornsaol in Spain which are financing the film. "It's a comedy," said Friedman, "but it also reflects the economic crisis around the world and shows how people react to the effects of an economic crisis."