Neil Friedman's LA-based sales agency Menemsha Entertainment has sold Argentinian Oscar nominee The Son Of The Bride to Movienet in Germany and Tandora in Singapore. The film, directed by Juan Jose Campanella, is a family drama with Ricardo Marin, Norma Aleandro and Natalia Verbeke.

The film, which has been confirmed as the opening night at the Munich Film Festival on June 29 and has a slot in the Edinburgh Film Festival, is now unsold in only six territories which Friedman expects to close here. They include France, UK, Scandinavia and Japan.

Sony Pictures Classics, which has domestic rights to The Son Of The Bride, also has the English-speaking world and Mexico on acclaimed documentary Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary which is currently out on theatrical release in Germany and Austria. Menemsha has sold the film to Mikado in Italy and Xenix in Switzerland for immediate release in the territory.

Meanwhile Menemsha is premiering its new pickup Autumn Spring (pictured), a Czech drama directed by Vladimir Michalek and starring Vlastimil Brodsky, Stella Zazvorkova and Ondrej Vetchy. The film is about an eternally young 75 year-old man showing what is meant by the art of living.