MercuryMedia has taken on worldwide distribution rights (excluding Australia) to Kirsty de Garis and Timothy Jolley's feature documentary Dominick Dunne: After The Party.

The 84-minute feature recently premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Jolley and de Garis made the film through their own Australia-based company Road Trip. Executive producers are Sue Maslin and Daryl Dellora of Film Art Doco.

The documentary includes previously unseen home video footage plus Dunne talking about his life as an unlikely war hero, Hollywood producer and Vanity Fair celebrity trial correspondent.

MercuryMedia founder and MD Tim Sparke said: 'This poignant film reveals the mystery of Hollywood through the eyes of an outsider living on the inside. It exposes a world few know, through the personality of a man whose personal struggles many viewers will relate to.'

Jolley and de Garis added: 'Those who know Dunne and his work will be surprised at the extra level Dunne goes to with his honesty and openness. For those who don't know much about the man described as America's most famous journalist, it's a fascinating story about Hollywood, celebrity, justice and reinvention. We are delighted leading doc distributors, MercuryMedia are working with us on this film.'

Tim Sparke's London-based MercuryMedia also runs and has other documentaries in its portfolio including The Unwinking Gaze, Taking Liberties, Meeting Resistance, How Ohio Pulled It Off, and Loose Change: Final Cut.