The future of producerThomas Langmann's two-part project about career criminal Jacques Mesrine hasbeen called into question following the loss of its lead actor and analtercation between Langmann and agent Francois Samuelson.

Barbet Schroeder is set todirect the Euros 45 million films which Benoit Magimel had been set to headlineas France's former Public Enemy Number One. However, Agence France Presse (AFP)reports that on November 25 Magimel's agent, Francois Samuelson of Intertalent,faxed a press release to Langmann announcing Magimel's decision to pull out ofthe project. Samuelson contends he called Langmann repeatedly, but finally sentthe release out when he couldn't reach the producer.

Langmann in turn says hetried to reach Samuelson once he saw the fax, but was unable to get him on thephone and thus decided to head to Intertalent's offices with Schroeder in tow.In a highly agitated state Langmann then gave Samuelson a head-butt which brokethe agent's nose and kept him out of work for nine days. Samuelson has filed acomplaint.

Langmann has reportedlyspent Euros 1.83 million in developing the project so far and following thisturn of events told AFP, "I don't see how we are going to be able to do thefilm. The project is in difficulty, but I won't give up."

"I regret this gesture,obviously," said Langmann who added, "It would have been enough for Mr.Samuelson to call the director as Benoit Magimel had asked and who did not need a press release to be sent out."

Langmann's La Petite Reinehas had a series of hits and misses with Dead Weight among the former and Jan Kounen's Blueberry among the latter. Samuelson also represents leading French stars Samuel LeBihan, Juliette Binoche, Carole Bouquet and Sandrine Bonnaire.