Distributor Metro Tartan has cancelled its UK release of Larry Clark's film Ken Park following a restaurant brawl at the weekend between Clark and Metro Tartan CEO Hamish McAlpine.

McAlpine and Clark were dining together at the weekend, just ahead of the release of Ken Park at the London Film Festival. During dinner, the conversation apparently heated up over the subject of violence in the Middle East - which led to Clark kicking over a table, jumping on McAlpine and putting his hands around his throat. Clark was later taken to a police station.

In a statement, Metro Tartan said the decision to withdraw from the distribution of the film was jointly made by the collective staff at the company, after witnessing the "shocking incident".

The statement added: "Metro Tartan has always taken delight in giving full support to the films it distributes and to promoting the talent of its filmmakers. Whilst recognising the artistic merits of Ken Park as a film, the actions from its director cannot be condoned by a single member of the company."