Metrodome Group has promoted Sara Frain is to be promoted from General Manager - Theatrical & Broadcast to the newly created position of General Manager of Distribution.

This move follows the departure of the current General Manager of Home Entertainment Tom Stewart who will be leaving the company at the end of July.

Metrodome has re-structured in line with their recent announcement on selling 61.4% of their shares to Media Pro where instead of two separate General Managers for Theatrical and DVD, there will be one General Manager across the whole of distribution.

Metrodome CEO Peter Urie said: 'Sara has played an integral part in the growth of Metrodome over the lastthree years in her role as GM of Theatrical & Broadcast, with the changes and plans moving forward for the company it is the perfect time for Sara to take the reins and become responsible for all areas of the distribution side of the business. Focusing all UK distribution through Sara is the first move in setting up the company for further growth which is now well under way'

Frain added, 'These are exciting times for Metrodome and I am really looking forward to continuing working with Peter now across all areas of the distribution side and maximizing the full potential of our growing company'.

Frain's past acquisitions for Metrodome include The Counterfeiters, Water and Sherrybaby.

Before joining Metrodome she worked at Tartan Films.