EXCLUSIVE: UK distributor Metrodome will exec produce and distribute the slate, with sales handled by Salt; production partners include Ben Wheatley’s producers Rook Films, Fulwell 72 and Black Camel.

UK distributor Metrodome - through subsidiary Cinedome - is the latest UK outfit to set up a low budget genre slate.

Metrodome will executive produce the slate and handle UK distribution, with international sales handled by The Salt Company.

Metrodome will be co-producing between 4-5 features a year from 2013 with full or part funding for projects through the company’s EIS partnership. Among the development projects is Whitaker, a contemporary take on Frankenstein, produced by Kill List, Sightseers and Freakshift producers Rook Films.

The first on the slate is horror The Borderlands, about a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of sinister events at a remote church. Currently in post-production, Salt will be selling at the AFM. UK release is set for mid 2013. Regular Ben Wheatley collaborator Robin Hill stars, with Jennifer Handorf producing.

Slayer is a supernatural thriller based in Roman Britain, produced by Outpost producers Black Camel and directed by Sam Walker. The Monsters is a thriller set against football hooliganism produced by Leo Pearlman’s Fulwell 73 and co-developed with Cass Pennant, and Fallen Eagle is an SAS siege drama, produced by Gaia Media and directed by Adam Randall [pictured].

Walker and Randall both hail from The Vipers Nest, the creative collective for first-time British and Irish filmmakers launched by Salt in 2010.

Metrodome and Salt join a growing number of UK companies setting up low budget genre slates. Scott Free yesterday announced a deal with Focus International on a slate while sales outfit Altitude has a number of genre titles it is helping develop and finance.