UK distributor Metrodome reportedfinancial results for the first half of 2006, with pretax losses widening to $840,337(£445,000) against a loss of $389,010 (£206,000) last year. Turnover fell 11% from$3.13m (£1.66m) to $2.79 (£1.48m) year-on-year.

The loss was in line with expectations duringthe period the company described as a time of "a period of important andsystematic change for Metrodome, during which a great deal of progress has beenmade that will allow the Company to unlock its true potential."

Changes at Metrodome include majorityshareholder TV Loonland taking a less active role and Metrodome seekign newshareholders to dilute the controlling interest of TV Loonland. Also, Metrodomehas restructured its management team, which means that Peter Urie has now beenappointed to chief executive from his previous role as managing director, whichhe assumed in September 2005. He takes the new post immediately.

Metrodomechairman Simon Flamank noted that "with the full support and approval of themajor shareholders, Peter has shifted the Company's focus away from the shortterm approach adopted by previous management, in favour of a longer termstrategy that can produce consistent growth in both turnover and earnings goingforward."

Specifically,Urie has spearheaded Metrodome's launch of two new budget DVD labels, In2Film and Mini Metro, andput a greater emphasis on the home entertainment business compared totheatrical. Theatrical changes will include working with potentialco-production or pre-buy acquisitions, rather than only acquiring finishedfilms.

Metrodome'stheatrical releases in the first half of 2006 included Shooting Dogs, Manderlay,Tell Them Who You Are, and a re-release of Metropolitan.

Forthcomingtheatrical releases include Echo Park LA,Container and Them. Forthcoming DVD releases include Twin Falls Idaho, Last Exit To Brooklyn, Pretty Persuasian and Transformers - The Movie 20th Anniversary Collection. Metrodomewill also release 14 budget DVD titles in the second half of 2006.