The Metropolitan Police's Economic and Specialist Crime Command in London isworking in partnership with the Federation AgainstCopyright Theft (FACT) tolaunch a new police unit to combat film piracy.

The unit will investigate individuals and organised crime networks thatprofit from film piracy. The unit will initially operate for 12 months and willcomprise one Detective Sergeant and four Detective Constables.

Whereverpossible, the unit plans to seek prosecution and/or the confiscation of goodsand assets. Its work will be aided by the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, which helps police tackle crime that involvesthe acquisition of wealth.

"Theformation of the Metropolitan Police's Film Piracy Unit is a unique developmentand will assist FACT's capacity to address and confrontthe threats from the organised networks which are making significant profitsfrom film piracy," said Raymond Leinster, FACT's directorgeneral.

Tounderstand the negative impacts on communities and the wider society, you onlyhave to examine the wide range of other criminal activities associated withfilm piracy, such as benefit fraud, offensive weapons and exploitation ofchildren.