With its proximity to Los Angeles and its low costs, Mexico has long benefited from footloose US productions. The Mexican government recently dissolved the Mexican Film Commission because it wants to redefine its function.

In the interim, Hugo Villa Smythe (pictured) of the Mexican Film Institute Imcine is in charge of the commission agenda.

Why shoot in Mexico'
The natural and historic richness of my country are always attractive for producers. In addition, Mexico has very good artists and technicians, very good studios, such as Estudios Churubusco, with laboratories, equipment rental houses with the best technology available and very competitive prices.

How successful is Mexico at pulling in overseas production'
This is not a commercial war. If you need a location that looks like the Rive Gauche in Paris, you should go to Paris, Budapest or Prague. The advantage of Mexico is the people... People are very kind, there are very good professionals and Mexican people like to help the shooting.

How receptive are producers'
Very. Most of the studios in the US have one or two executives who have already shot in Mexico and know the advantages of shooting here. So they recommend it.

What could Mexico be doing better'
We could develop technicians with solid knowledge - gaffers with more theoretical knowledge about cinematography, for example. And some hotel fees are out of control.