Mexico will produce up to 60 films a year starting in 2006, according to president-elect Vicente Fox. Speaking at the presentation of awards to members of the film production workers union (Sindicato de Tecnicos Manuales de la Producion Cinematografica), Fox made his first public commitment to local cinema.

"Our aim is for Mexico to produce more than double its current output and that all genres be explored, be they action, science fiction, adventure etc", said Fox.."We welcome all kinds of projects, from feature films and shorts to documentaries and animation films"; he added. .

Present at the ceremony were industry heavyweights Alfredo Joskowicz of film institute IMCINE, Alfredo Nava of Canacine and Gonzalo Elvira of the Mexican Association of producers and distribution.

"Mexico's film law includes a call for the federal government to implement tax incentives; this could be the only way Mexico could reach that goal," said Jorge Sanchez, a prominent producer who now serves as Mexican consul general based in Rio de Janeiro. Matthias Ehrenberg, co producer of Mexican blockbuster Sex, Shame And Tears, met Fox's pronouncements with scepticism. "Fox's government has not given out any of the promised funding so far," he said. This year, production output has fallen below that of last year's 25 releases.