Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer'sMGM Networks is launching MGM-branded channels in Russia, Portugal, Malta andSouth Korea. The move follows the launch in the middle east earlier this yearand doubles the number of countries in which MGM has established a channel presenceto date.

The MGM Movie Channel isscheduled to launch in May in Portugal on cable systems owned by Cabovisao SAand will be provided by MGM Networks Latin America.

The MGM Movie Channel waslaunched in Malta on Feb 1 on Melita Cable and is 100% owned by MGM.

The MGM Movie Channel waslaunched in Russia on March 1 on the Kosmos MMDS system in Moscow per anagreement with Metromedia International; again the channel is 100% owned byMGM.

In South Korea, MGM ispartnering with leading DVD distributor Spectrum DVD to launch a customizedKorean language service later this month which will be carried on the SkylifeDBS platform. MGM will own 33% of the channel, the maximum permitted by Koreanlaw.

All the channels will offertitles from MGM's 4,000-title library which includes recent hits such as Hannibal,Legally Blonde, Heartbreakers, Get Shorty, The Birdcage and Fargo as well as classics like the James Bond, Rocky and Pink Pantherfranchises, Midnight Cowboy and19 Woody Allen films.