Charlotte Mickie, to manythe international face of Canada's Alliance Atlantis Communications, hasbeen promoted to managing director, international motion picture sales, at itsEntertainment Group, returning to a sales role at the company which last monthaxed over 80 staff and dramatically reduced its feature film department.

Locatedat the company's head office, Mickie will oversee all aspects of motionpicture acquisitions, presales and sales, moving back to sales after herpositions, first as senior vice president of acquisitions and development forthe motion picture distribution group, then as senior vice president,development & production, for motion picture production.

Whilein those positions (since 1998), she brought Allison Maclean's Jesus'Son and EdHarris' Pollock to the company's international sales division under Mark Horowitz,who left the company in the restructure last month. She also executive producedRobert Lepage's Possible Worlds and Jeremy Podeswa's The Five Senses, worked on the development ofscripts based on novels such as The Pornographer's Poem by Michael Turner and CityOf Ice by JohnFarrow and was head of production on Lynne Ramsay's upcoming MorvernCallar.

But itwas during the early 90s as vice president of the company's internationalmotion picture group that Mickie made a name for herself on the internationalfilm circuit, selling Canadian films such as Atom Egoyan's TheAdjuster, Calendar and Exotica, Jean Claude Lauzon's Leolo and Patricia Rozema's WhenNight Is Falling as well as picking up hit US independents Denise Calls Up and most significantly WelcomeTo The Dollhouse, the film-making debut of Todd Solondz.

Thecompany subsequently formed a new independent sales division under Mickiecalled Alliance Independent Films for which she acquired Neil Labute's InThe Company Of Men and Greg Mottola's The Daytrippers among other US films andCanadian hits such as Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter and Thom Fitzgerald's TheHanging Garden.

In hernew role, Mickie is expected to veer back to this high-end arthouse productrather than the costly international product which Alliance Atlantis has beeninvolved with of late including Neil Jordan's Double Down and Ronny Yu's The 51stState.