The Agronomist (Wild Bunch)
UK (Optimum), Italy (Bim)

Arahan (Cinema Service)
Thailand (Nontanund)

Black Dahlia (Signature)
Japan (Toho-Towa)

Blizzard (First Look)
US (Private Planet Releasing)

Bright Young Things (Icon)
Netherlands (RCV)

Capturing The Friedmans (Fortissimo)
Spain (Karma)

The Card Player (Adriana Chiesa)
Japan (Gaga) UK (Arrow)

Coffee And Cigarettes (Fortissimo)
UK (Tartan); Benelux (A-Film)

Cold Mountain (Miramax)
Netherlands (RCV)

Cowboys And Angels (Media Luna)
Hong Kong/Taiwan (I-Movie)

Crash (Arclight)
Japan (Movie-Eye Entertainment)

The Daltons (UGC)
Falcom (Germany) Scandinavia (Svensk)

Dawn Of The Dead (Strike)
Japan (Toho-Towa)

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Summit)
Netherlands (RCV)

Distant Lights (Bavaria)
France (Les Films du Safran) Israel (Orlando)

Elvira's Haunted Hills (Tulchin)
Portugal (Cinema Nova)

Evil (Nordisk)
Spanish-speaking Latin America (Cineplex); Portugal (New Age)

Extrano (Bavaria)
Israel (Orlando)

Fahrenheit 911 (Wild Bunch)
UK (Optimum) Italy (Bim)

Festival Express (Hanway)
UK (Optimum)

Girl With A Pearl Earring (Pathe)
Italy (Mikado)

The Green Butchers (Nordisk)
Portugal (New Age)

Hemingway (Silvio Sardi)
Germany (Fieber)

Grimm (Fortissimo)
Scandinavia (Triangel); Greece (Art Free); Russia (Russian Report); Israel (United King)

Hours Of The Day (Bavaria)
Israel (Orlando)

House Of The Flying Daggers (Focus)
Netherlands (RCV)

Infernal Affairs II & III (Media Asia)
Scandinavia/Baltic states (NonStop); Netherlands (Bright Angel)

In The City (Bavaria)
Israel (Orlando) Venezuela (Blanco Y Treviso) Argentina (Primer Plano)

Jossi & Jaegger (Fortissimo)
Spain (Karma)

Kart Racer (First Look)
US (Private Planet Releasing)

Kill Me Tender (Media Luna)
Mexico (Constellation) Singapore (Overseas) Hong Kong/Taiwan (I-Movie) Suraya (Malaysia)

Last Life In The Universe (Fortissimo)
Korea (With Cinema); Mexico (Filmhouse); Philippines (Solar)

Legend Of The Evil Lake (Cinema Service)
Benelux (Three Line Pictures) Russia (Soyuz) Indonesia (PT Warna) Thailand (Nontanund)

The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers (HBO)
France (Ocean) Italy (Lucky Red) Scandinavia (Scanbox) Benelux (Cineart/A-Film) Switzerland (Frenetic) Middle East (Prime) Japan (Toshiba) Portugal (LNK) Greece (Spentzos) Israel (Noah)

The Locals (New Zealand Film Commission)
Netherlands (RCV)

Looking For Fidel (Wild Bunch)
Scandinavia/Baltic states (NonStop)

The Magic Gloves (Bavaria)
Israel (Orlando)

Memories Of Murder (CJ Entertainment)
Japan (Cinequanon) UK (Optimum) Scandinavia (Nobel & Partners) Benelux (A-Film) Spain (Alta Films)

Mercano The Martian (Co-Production Office)
Japan (Uplink) France (ASC)

Merchant Of Venice (Arclight)
UK (MGM) Japan (Art Port) Spain (Manga) Russia (Russia) Eastern Europe/Latin America (New Films)

Midsummer Night's Dream (Lumina Films)
Russia/CIS (Ruscico)

The Miracle Of Bern (Bavaria)
Israel (Orlando)

Modigliani (Bauer Martinez)
Netherlands (RCV)

Monster Man (Dream)
Germany (Kinowelt) Japan (Gaga) Australia (Magna Pacific) Mexico (Gussi) Benelux (Elysee) Scandinavia (Scanbox) Greece (Village Roadshow) South Africa (Warner Nu Metro) Singapore (Mediacorp) Thailand (Right Beyond) Indonesia (PT Amero) Middle East (ECS) Philippines (Pioneer)

Mysterious Skin (Fortissimo)
Greece (Prooptiki)

Natural City (Tube Entertainment)
Italy (Creative Film House)

Old Boy (Cineclik)
UK (Tartan)

Oliver (Summit)
Italy (Medusa)

Perfect Strangers (New Zealand Film Commission)
North America (First Look) Czech Republic/Hungary (Intersonic)

Proof (Miramax)
Netherlands (RCV)

Reconstruction (Nordisk)
UK (Soda Pictures) Korea (Korean Arts Centre) Benelux (A-Film) Spanish-speaking Latin America (Cineplex & Alfa Film)

Resurrection Of The Little Match Girl (Tube)
Spain (Manga)

The Return (Intercinema Art Agency)

Ruby & Quentin (UGC)
Korea (MFI) Hong Kong (Summer Storm) Taiwan (Good Films)

The Saddest Music In The World (Rhombus)
UK (Soda)

Seed Of Chucky (Focus)
Netherlands (RCV)

Silver Hawk (Han/Arclight)
Italy (IIF)

16 Years Of Alcohol (Fortissimo)
Israel (United King)

Some Secrets (MDC)
Israel (Dream Entertainment)

Something Borrowed (Senator)
Italy (Medusa) Australia/New Zealand (Village Roadshow) Turkey (TMC)

Spare Parts (MDC)
UK (Soda) Germany (Neue Visionen) Scandinavia (Future Film) Belgium (Lumiere) Czech Republic (Cinemart)

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter' And Spring (Cineclick/Bavaria)
Italy (Mikado)

Switchblade Romance (EuropaCorp)
UK (Optimum)

The Story Of The Weeping Camel (Menemsha)
UK (UGC) Australia (Dendy)

Tube (Tube Entertainment)
Italy (AV Film) France (Pathe) Spain (Manga)

Untitled Alexander The Great (working title) (Intermedia/Summit)
UK/Australia/New Zealand (Warner Bros) Hong Kong/Malaysia (Golden Harvest) Israel (Shani) Japan (Shochiku/Nippon Herald)

Virginia's Run (First Look)
US (Private Planet Releasing)

We Don't Live Here Anymore (Renaissance)
Australia/New Zealand (Dendy) Italy (Bim) Greece (Odeon) Portugal (LNK)

Whore (Dolores)
Germany (Tiberius) France (97 Distribution) Italy (DNC) Hong Kong (Intercontinental)

Yes (GreeneStreet Films)
Netherlands (RCV