Korea's CJ Entertainment struck its first ever Mexican sale when it sold drama The Way Home to Cine Video Y TV. Paramount Classics opens the film in neighbouring US on Nov 15.

CJ, which had amassed over $1m of sales revenue by day four of the MIFED market, had another Latin success selling period action adventure Musa (aka The Warrior) to Beverly Hills Entertainment for all of South America.

The company sold sci-fi fantasy Resurrection Of The Little Match Girl to Artfree for Greece, Right Pictures for Thailand and Intersonic for the Czech Republic. Intersonic also took Yesterday. The $7m sci-fi picture was also sold to Golden Village for theatrical release in Singapore and STV 12 for TV. In Scandinavia the film was sold to Nobel & Partners.

High Point & The Film Co
UK seller High Point & The Film Co closed deals for Ken Russell's The Louse Of Usher with Bonton for the Czech Republic, New Star for Greece and New Star for North America. The Bunker was sold to SAV for Spain.

It also struck two major package deals covering 18 library titles each with New Star for Greece and with Jumbo Films for Thailand.

Svensk Filmindustri
Unni Straume's drama Music For Weddings And Funerals was sold to Germna's expanding Ottfilms and to Poland's NPV.

Forthcoming Ingmar Bergman picture Saraband achieved an early sale to Cine 3 for Argentina, while children's animation film Karlsson On The Roof was sold to Mexico's Quality Film.