Mike Bassett: England Manager, the first film to emerge from UK support body The Film Council's Premiere Fund, took a strong $1,226,745 (£830,000) from 263 screens in the UK this weekend.

The football mockumentary with local TV comedy star Ricky Tomlinson narrowly beat another UK title, Enigma. The code-cracking adaptation with Kate Winslet took a healthy $1,107,885 (£794,521) from 267 screens

Released by Entertainment Film Distributors with additional p&a support from the Film Council, Mike Bassett averaged $4,640 (£3,139) per screen. Enigma, which had a screen average of $4,400 (£2,975), played particularly well in London, where it grossed $182,968 (£123,785) from 11 screens. Mike Bassett managed only $49,545 (£33,519) from nine London screens, making up for that performance in the rest of the country.

The Premiere Fund, the National lottery fund for commercially-oriented films under Robert Jones, is putting an initial $369,500 (£250,000) into the p&a for Mike Bassett, but could go far higher.