LA-based production and production services outfit Milk & Honey Films has opened a studio facility in Prague to service the international film and commercial production industries as well as its own productions. The facility, called Milk & Honey Studios Letnany, consists of two large stages with a third close to being acquired.

"We plan to develop Milk & Honey Letnany into a world class facility that rivals the best studios in London and Los Angeles," said partner/executive producer Howard Woffinden, who added that because of lack of studio space and the continuing uncertainty surrounding Barrandov Studios, Prague was forced to turn away the epic miniseries Dinotopia which is now being shot in the UK.

Milk & Honey purchased the two stages and surrounding land and storage facilities, located in the Letnany suburb, from airplane parts manufacturer Letov. For the past year, these stages and the third which Milk & Honey is close to buying, have been under the functional control of Milk & Honey which leased them to the producers of Hallmark's miniseries The Monkey King starring Thomas Gibson and Mai Ling and New Amsterdam Entertainment's miniseries Frank Herbert's Dune starring William Hurt, Giancarlo Giannini, Matt Keeslar and Saskia Reeves.