Miramax International closed most of the world on its latest package of pictures at this year's AFM with many of its usual customers and a new one - recently floated Senator Film in Germany - for Juliette Binoche/Johnny Depp-starrer Chocolat.

Miramax has also won an AFMA arbitration against Spain's Aurum Producciones for non-payment. Aurum bought a package of films from Miramax including She's All That - which to date is the only movie in the package so far released - in 1998 which hasn't yet been paid for. "We are now moving to legally enforce the collection," said Miramax chairman of worldwide distribution Rick Sands. "They have also incurred interest on the late payment and all costs and fees."

Lauren Films is Miramax's latest partner in Spain and this week bought three pictures - Chocolat, Boys And Girls with Freddie Prinze Jr and Wakin' Up In Reno with Billy Bob Thornton and Charlize Theron.

Other AFM deals include:

  • Seven pictures to Village Roadshow in Australia including Boys And Girls, Wakin' Up In Reno and Chocolat.
  • Three pictures to Lumiere Latin America in Brasil (Chocolat, Wakin' Up In Reno and Mansfield Park).
  • Six pictures to Bac Films in France including About Adam, Impostor and Boys And Girls.
  • Three pictures to Buena Vista International (BVI) in Italy including Chocolat and Wakin' Up In Reno.
  • Eight pictures to Taewon Entertainment in Korea including Chocolat, About Adam and One (formerly titled "O").
  • Three pictures to Era Entertainment in Taiwan including Chocolat and Wakin' Up In Reno.
  • Deals in Japan and Scandinavia are close to completion.