Miramax has taken North American rightsto Becoming Jane, starring AnneHathaway as young novelist Jane Austen.

Becoming Jane is set to start its eight-week shoot in Ireland on March 27.

Director Julian Jarroldpreviously directed Kinky Boots,another UK project that Miramax distributed.

James McAvoyhas joined the cast starringas Tom Lefroy, Jane's love interest. McAvoy (TheChronicles of Narnia) recently won the OrangeRising Star award at the Baftas and is currentlyshooting Penelope in London with Christina Ricci. "He's a fantasticactor with great wit and verve about him," said producer Robert Bernstein of Ecosse Films.

Julie Waltersand Maggie Smith are also starring, and Joe Anderson is in talks to join thecast.

Kevin Hood andSarah Williams wrote the script, based on Jon Spence's book Becoming Jane Austen. Spence is working on the film as historical consultant. Jarrold will beworking again with his Kinky Boots cinematographer EigilBryld.

Producers are Graham Broadbent for Blueprint, Bernstein and Douglas Rae for Ecosse Films in association with 2Entertain, the Scion Films, the Irish Film Board, with £1.5m in fundingfrom the UK Film Council's Premiere Fund. London-based HanWayis handling sales.