Having bought just about everything this year, Miramax Films is now out to remake just about everything. The Weinstein powerhouse is negotiating remake rights for 15 Aout (Weekend Break), a three men and some children tale reminiscent of one of the most succesful re-makes ever - Trois Homme Et Un Couffin (otherwise known as Three Men And A Baby).

Miramax has also reportedly bought remake rights to two of its recent acquisitions Mercure Distribution - Everybody Famous!, the foreign Oscar nominee from Belgium, and With a Friend Like Harry, which it bought at Cannes last year.

15 Aout, produced, distributed and sold worldwide by Luc Besson's Europa, follows three friends whose wives vanish during a summer week-end. They are left alone to look after a rented house, their chilldren and themselves. The picture is currently enjoying a strong box office in France with over 800,000 tickets sold in its second week.

Europa, which Besson created with former Gaumont top executive Pierre-Ange Le Pogam last year, has also passed the two million admissions mark with another title on its debut slate - Yamakasi. The film tells the story of a group of seven suburban youths who have developed special physical skills and end up stealing from the rich to help a young boy who needs a heart transplant