Miramax Films has acquiredmultiple territory rights to Les Choristes, the hottest film at the European Film Market in Berlin this year.Miramax bought rights to the feelgood drama in North America, Latin America,Australia and New Zealand from Pathe International.

Directed by ChristopheBarratier and written by Barratier and Philippe Lopes-Curval, the film is setin 1948 and tells the story of a music teacher who finds a job as a supervisorin a correctional boarding school for minors. Stunned by the harsh reality ofthe school's routine, he sets out to change the pupils' lives by acquaintingthem with the magic and power of music.

Gerard Jugnot plays theschoolteacher in the film which is produced by Jacques Perrin, Arthur Cohn,Galatee Films and Pathe.

The film was bought intoMiramax by Agnes Mentre, executive vice president of acquisitions andco-production, and Maeva Gatineau, vice president of acquisitions.

The deal was closed by DavidMiercourt, Miramax's senior vice president of acquisitions and businessaffairs, with Jacques Eric Strauss representing the film-makers and Pathe.

"An emotionally chargeddrama, this film shows the power and influence of music and how it can touch usall," said Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein in a statement. "Jacques Perrinis a great producer and we are pleased to be in business with him and Pathe."

"I am very happy and proudto have Miramax distributing this film in North America and other territoriesaround the world," said Barratier. "I am hopeful that audiences will be movedby the film and relate to the emotions and ideas that it presents."

"We thank Harvey Weinstein,Agnes Mentre and Maeva Gatineau for their passion for this film," addedproducer Jaques Perrin and Strauss in a joint comment. "Miramax is one of thebest distributors in the business and we know that the film is in very goodhands."

Starring with Jugnot in thefilm are Francois Berleand and Perrin himself, a celebrated actor as well asthe producer of classics such as Z, State Of Siege, Black And White InColour, Winged Migration, Microcosmosand Himalaya.