Hong-Kong powerhouse, Media Asia has struck a four-picture deal with Miramax Films for North American distribution.

The deal, which lifts Media Asia's Cannes deal total to $6m, is headed by Purple Storm, the sci-fi actioner which recently cleared up at the Taiwan Golden Horse and Hong Kong academy awards. The other three are recent library titles.

Big as it is, the Miramax package agreement may still be eclipsed in financial terms by an imminent distribution accord on Gen Y Cops, the sequel to Gen X Cops, which starts shooting tomorrow. The deal with a studio-linked US outfit is expected to cover both North American and European rights.

"Inside the next two weeks Gen Y Cops may be off the market," said Media Asia managing director Thomas Chung. "This is another of those rare deals which sees a non star-driven action film picked up by a studio." Gen X Cops was handled by Sony.

Media Asia now expects similar levels of interest for a slate of pictures flowing from Michelle Yeoh. Media Asia and Yeoh have formalised and extended their joint venture production company, now named Mythical Film.

Mythical, which will produce an annual two or three pictures a year, including one big budget production a year in which Yeoh will star, has hired Lee "Chi" Ngai as director for The Touch. A $10m adventure story about a group of travelling acrobats, The Touch marks Yeoh's debut as a producer, has now been extended opening up the possibilities of a sequel.