Miramax Films has moved theUS release date of Steven Soderbergh's low budget ensemble piece FullFrontal from its scheduled March 8to August 2 which not only coincides exactly with the 1989 release date ofSoderbergh's first film sex, lies, & videotape but also opens the film up to a possible worldpremiere in the Cannes Film Festival - where sex, lies won the Palme d'Or 13 years ago.

Full Frontal has been described by Soderbergh as a sequel ofsorts to sex, lies, one of the key movies in American independent cinema. Itfollows seven people with very little in common who all travel west to afriend's 40th birthday party. Written by Coleman Hough, itstars David Duchovny, Nicky Katt, Catherine Keener, Mary McCormack, David HydePierce, Julia Roberts and Blair Underwood.

"We were set to come out in March," said Soderberghin a statement, "and then Miramax came to me with the idea of ananniversary opening, which I found pretty appealing. This is in large partbecause, if I were to make sex, lies, & videotape today, Full Frontal is very much the form it would take."