Fast-moving Korean salesCineclick Asia has struck a remake deal with Miramax on The Doll Master, a Korean horror flick which the Dimension genresubsidiary hopes to develop into a franchise.

The deal sees Miramaxacquire English-language remake rights as well as North American distributionrights on Jeong Yong-ki's original chiller about a man who uses wooden voodoodolls to get revenge after being falsely accused of murder.

"Miramax came on very strongand have given us generous terms that reflect the growing realisation of thecommercial potential for Asian film concepts," said Cineclick chief SuhYoung-joo.

Given the uncertaintysurrounding the future configuration of Miramax the seven-figure deal is anoutright purchase, not an option on the rights. Significantly too, Cineclickobtained a deal triggering bonus payments when the English-language picturegoes into production, a percentage of the world-wide gross and a bonus relatedto the US performance. It also obtains the same terms on any prequels and sequelsdeveloped by Dimension.

The film was brought toMiramax by its Asian partner Dede Nickerson who saw the film at last month'sPusan festival. The deal was negotiated by Suh, with Miramax's vice presidentof acquisitions Michelle Krumm and Eric Sherman, vice president of businessaffairs.