Miramax co-chairman HarveyWeinstein will be recognized with the Arthur B Krim Award by amfAR, theAmerican Foundation for AIDS Research, at a special tribute event later thisyear.

Weinstein becomes only thesecond recipient of the award following the late great MCA chairman LewWasserman. The award recognizes Weinstein's contributions to advancing AIDSresearch and his humanitarian efforts which echo those of Krim, the head ofUnited Artists from 1951 to 1978 and founder of Orion Pictures whose wifeMathilde Krim is founding chairman and chairman of the board of amfAR.

"Although they were sons ofdifferent generations active in a Hollywood culture that underwent significantchange over time, Arthur Krim and Harvey Weinstein are in many respects kindredspirits," said Mathilde Krim. "Both men have been involved in a cause -harnessing the best of science in the fight against AIDS - as it was emergingin a sea of prejudice, ignorance and callous indifference."

Cinema Against AIDS at theCannes Film Festival, an event which Weinstein has led on amfAR's behalf, hasraised $13.2m since its inception in 1993.