Korean indieproduction and sales house Mirovision has put together a varied slate for2004-5, headed by a big-budget mountaineering chiller that will shot at PeterJackson's facilities in New Zealand.

Described as TheShining meets VerticalLimit, Antarctic Journalfeatures an expedition to the polar ice-cap that comes across the ghostlyremains of previous explorers.

The film is puttogether by leading production house Sidus and Mirovision on a budgetapproaching $10m. Directed by Yim Phil Sung, with Memories Of Murder star Song Kang-Ho and Old Boy star Yu Ji Tae, Antarctic Journal will shoot from June in New Zealand using anumber of Lord Of The Ringssets and with post-production at Jackson's Weta Digital.

3D graphics are alsoset to be employed on My Friend Daigoro, a sentimental drama based on a true story about a Japanesephotographer who befriends a deformed monkey. Mirovision says it is getting 'great heat' on ShadowGuardians, a tragic martialarts drama that takes as its starting point the true story of the assassinationby Japanese troops of Korea's last empress in 1895. Directed by ParkYoung-hoon (Addicted) thefilm is scheduled to shoot late this year and Mirovision is aiming to signinternational co-producers.

Continuing theJapanese theme, Mirovision is handling the forthcoming Kiyoshi Kurosawa film, athriller called Loft involvinga mummified body and a woman who has mysteriously gone missing. Delivery isscheduled for Spring 2005.

The firm is alsorepresenting He Was Cool,a romantic comedy about a young man who believes in chastity and his charminggirlfriend. It is based on the same series of 'internet novels'that inspired breakout hit My Sassy Girl.