Koreanmini-conglomerate Mirovision has tied up a clutch of high profile sales on itsSundance/EFM slate and extended its relationship with controversial directorPark Chul-soo.

My Boyfriend Type B, a romantic comedy about the Asianphenomenon of dating according to blood groups - B-type men have a reputationas being selfish and arrogant - was sold to Nippon Herald for Japan.

Nipponis becoming an increasingly active buyer of Korean titles and Mirovision chiefJason Chae described the deal as having been done at a "groundbreakingprice". The $2.5m film is one of the first hits for exhibitor-turned-distributor Lotte Cinema and has notched up1.3 million admissions during its first seven days of release in Korea.

Park'ssexually challenging Green Chair , which was in the world cinema sectionof Sundance and in the Panorama here at Berlin, has been sold to Presidio forJapan and Overseas for Singapore. Chae says he is holding three firm offersfrom the US and expects to close a North American deal in the next days, withthe UK and France to follow.

Mirovisionhas signed up to handle the director's next two pictures. The first, SungChul, is already underway. Park shot 70% of the film about the Koreanspiritual leader over seven years ago. The remaining scenes, in which the monkhas aged, will be filmed this year, with delivery scheduled for February 2006.Park is also planning to shoot an untitled ideological black comedy said Chae."This is our No Man's Land or Good Bye, Lenin!," saidChae.

Mirovision'snew horror picture Red Eye, which screens this week in the EFM, has beenpre-sold to the UK's Contender Entertainment, while heist drama Big Swindleby writer-director Choi Dong-hun was sold to France's Pathe.