France's MK2 is again backingand selling the latest film by Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo. The Frenchmini-major previously financed his Cannes competition film Woman Is TheFuture Of Man.

MK2 is partnered with Koreancombine Chungeorahm Films on A Tale Of The Cinema (Geuk-Jang-Jeon), whichis now in production.

Other backers in the $900,000picture include KOFIC and Japanese investor Happinet.

MK2 will represent the film inmost international territories while Chungeorahm has yet to decide whether itwill handle the film throughout Asia or whether a specialist sales agency willbe appointed.

The film stars Kim Sang-kyung,Eom Ji-wo and Lee Ki-woo and is the story of a man who sees his own lifeportrayed on a cinema screen and, disconcerted, tries to make his own filminstead.

Delivery is scheduled for Maythis year