New York's GreeneStreetFilms International has closed its first key European territory on its debuttitle from genre label Raw Nerve, selling all UK rights to 2001 Maniacs to Momentum Pictures.

GreeneStreet partner andsales head Cedric Jeanson aims to set up a network of one or two regular buyersin each major market to handle Raw Nerve product. Momentum's Spanish sisterdistributor Aurum is also in talks to come on board.

"This is the first step inhopefully a longterm relationship between Momentum and the Raw Nerve label,"said Jeanson. "Momentum is a wonderful partner."

Raw Nerve is run byfilmmakers Boaz Yakin, Eli Roth and Scott Spiegel as a home for uncompromising,low-budget horror. 2001 Maniacs,a remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' 1960s cult slasher 2000 Maniacs, is in the final stages of post. Also in the RawNerve pipeline is Antonia Bird's Abraham's Daughter.